Diverse Types of Shot Glasses For Your Next Party

Diverse Types of Shot Glasses For Your Next Party

Now are the seasons of party galore, and wherever there are parties, there are shots. Shot glasses of alcohol might seem the most basic thing, but you need to know there is so much to them in history.Under this guide will understand the diverse types of shot glasses available online and which you should buy for your next party.

Standard shot glasses

The set of shot glasses can be found anywhere from bars and nightclubs to even a common house bar. A standard shot glass holds around 1.25 to 1.5 fluid ounces of liquor, which is highly convenient and prominent around parties. These glasses and made from any material, including glass or plastic, and are built thick on the bottom and the sites to avoid unnecessary slashing of drink. You cannot discuss the shot glasses without discussing the classic shot.

You must just take some salt, a slice of lemon, and of course, your liquor, usually tequila, but you can also use vodka. You can drop salt into the back of your hand and lick it up. This will activate your saliva and keep your mouth from alcohol. Then you must take the shot of alcohol and suck the lemon to clear your mouth of the bitter taste.

Tall shot glasses

These tall glasses are surely true to their name. They are tall and narrow as compared to standard glasses. It might be the same as if they hold a lot more alcohol due to the height but do not let that fool you. These glasses hold the same amount of alcohol. It is all because of the illusionary effect. You feel that it is holding a lot more alcohol. This glass is your best bet if you want to serve your shots for a couple of sips. These glasses are also perfect for drinks that evaporate quickly, including those that are set on fire. The witching hour is a good drink that will go with that all-shot glass. It might sound a little sinister, but it is a great drink.

Pony shot glass

Pony shot glasses are completely short, and they are not like the standard shot glasses. These glasses offer a space of at least one fluid ounce and are usually used in mixed drinks in which the ounce of alcohol would be poured in a bigger volume of different alcohol. These glasses are also good for beginner shots which are easy to drink and less born on the throat and belly. You might think there is not much to do with these glasses, but you should have them for your party as they look fancy.

Cheaters shot glass

Cheater shot glass has a thick and heavy base compared to other shot glasses. They make it seem like you can consume the same amount of alcohol, but it is not the same thing. The cheater shot glass holds less alcohol and can be helpful for people who do not want to dive into the shots completely.


When it comes to buying shot glasses for your party, you should consider these types of shot glasses and make the most of them. Furthermore, you can also consider investing in fluted shot glasses. These glasses have a flood mouth, and the best is completely fluting. The glasses feature of fancy counterpart of the standard shot glass, which makes it a must-have at parties.

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