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Fancy Juice Glasses (Set of 6pcs)

Fancy Juice Glasses (Set of 6pcs)

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This Set of 6pcs Fancy Juice Glasses is an amazing pick. You can give it to your loved ones in addition to putting it for personal use. Your dining table will undoubtedly look more sophisticated after adding it. The glass container is made without lead and can be used on a daily basis.
What could be better than having a glass of freshly made orange juice in the morning? In addition to being reviving, it is also nourishing. And if the glass you are drinking from is exquisite and adds to the aesthetic of the day, the whole day can be made even more special.


● Set of 6pcs Fancy Juice Glasses
● Pineapple Shape
● Lead Free
● Material - Glassware
● Capacity - 180ml
● Suitable for Self use & Gifting

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