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Glass Container with Wooden Tray (Set of 2pcs)

Glass Container with Wooden Tray (Set of 2pcs)

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Airtight glass jar with a natural wooden lid features t can be used for storing dry fruits dry snacks quick bites puffed rice or any other snacks of your choice. The jars are pretty useful, easy to clean and perfect for safely packing food. The jar is the best solution for all your grocery stacking needs. The containers come handy when there are guests at home and we do not have to run to the kitchen every now and then to get them snacks because the elegant looking jars are already adorning the table. You can use the Wooden Tray Glass Jar to make a scented potpourri arrangement also.


● Glass container - 2 pcs
● Wooden lid - 2 pcs
● Wooden tray - 1 pcs
● Airtight Container
● Storage use

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