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Ocean Connexion Double Rock (Set of 6 pcs)

Ocean Connexion Double Rock (Set of 6 pcs)

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A glass of whiskey and some soothing music in the background is perfect for any occasion, whether it's a house party or just some weekend relaxation. You only need to chat with some of your close friends while enjoying a drink to relieve the stress of the week.

Our collection of 6 glass tumbler of Ocean Connexion Double Rock is the ideal setting to pull from your shelf if you want to fill it with whiskey and enjoy the evening. It is sturdy and made of glass of the finest quality. It is quite convenient to store, whether you stack it and arrange it on your shelves or simply set it down on your dining room table.


● Set of 6 pcs Glass Tumbler
● Whiskey Glasses
● Capacity - 350ml
● Brand - Ocean Glassware

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